An extension for launching a graphical Arch Linux desktop instance on jailbroken Kindles
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A KUAL extension to easily and automatically manage an Arch Linux chroot installation on an Amazon Kindle.

NOTE: This project is no longer maintained. You should probably check out the Alpine Kindle project instead.


  • A newer model rooted Kindle
  • KUAL


First, you need to create an Arch Linux filesystem and transfer it to your Kindle. Follow the steps detailed in this post up until you've created the filesystem and transferred it over. Everything else is suggested -- to get an understanding of how it works -- but not mandatory.

You can then clone or download this repository and extract it to your KUAL extensions directory on your Kindle.

Place the filesystem (by default named arch.img) in the karch extension directory.


Simply launch KUAL and select karch from the menu. You can then choose to launch the environment.

If you have the kterm KUAL extension, you will also have an option to launch the chroot in a terminal window instead of a graphical environment.